Monday, March 06, 2006


I want to have an emphasis on the ease of writing on the text message and how important it is that my definition holds to the criteria. Once again i am only talking about texting in english and texts that do not contain pictures. First i will "grade" a hadfull of devices as they are the tool of the writing. When i say handfull i mean 4. They will be graded by ease of use, how many functions are available that pertain only to the text part of the phone and how long the texts can be. I will also be looking at the T9 option that is available on some phones. It is a program that statistically guesses the word that is typed by using only the first or second letter of the word. It could cut down on time but if it guesses wrong it could lengthen the time. I will do some statistics of my own and see how many times it "guesses" right.


Blogger Resa said...

Hey buddy, your criteria sounds good. I hope i get a chance to read your final blog before spring break. Are you going to discuss strictly text, or all of the wierd abrevieations (ie. ur instead of your, and 2 instead of to). What are your four text examples going to be?

8:00 AM  
Blogger cgabor said...

Tyler --

This sounds like a great plan, too bad you did not get to enact it before the due date . . .

12:23 PM  

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